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The Innocent Devils

Welcome to The Innocent Devils Ltd

We are a small computer games company that was set up in January 2011. Our company motto is to try to make games that everyone can enjoy, and in light of this we are currently specialising in making games for mobiles as they are cheap and most people have a mobile phone.

We are based in Lichfield (UK) and enjoy our time at work lots. Lichfield is a nice City, and it’s good to be at work and get some inspiration from the looming view of the Cathedral coming in from our Windows. The small city vibe also suits us nicely with lots of clean air and not too many people so that we can concentrate and enhance our creative juices. However, being in the middle of England, the weather can often be a bit of a damper…

We have 5 members within the Innocent Devils, and each one plays a crucial role.
There’s me, Tom, the only full time employee. I spend my time developing new games and improving games so that everyone can enjoy them to the best of their abilities.
Then there’s Jason, my brother, who works on new and interesting projects to try to wow the world with whatever we can do.
Justin is our Creative Director who comes up with ideas and records sounds for our game whilst enthusiastically supporting us from the background.
Brian is our financial backer, and without him we wouldn’t have had the money to set up the company.
Finally Cathy is our accountant and deals with all the money that comes in and out of the business so that the rest of us can concentrate on making the games as good as they can be.

We have recently released Angry Armies, our first game, on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android, and have started work on some interesting new projects.

We Hope that you enjoy all our games as much as we enjoy making them!!!

Posted by Thomas Higham on 21/10/2011.

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