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The Innocent Devils

Our First Game - Angry Armies

Angry Armies is the first game that we have made as The Innocent Devils. It is a simple game that is designed to play in an arcade style in that you can play it for as long as you like, and still get enjoyment out of it when you go back to it. In the game, you flick weapons at your opponent in order to destroy them and win the match.

Within the game, there are 5 different themes that we thought would be popular with a broad audience of people. The pirates vs. ninjas theme is based around pirates and ninjas battling it out to see who’s better, and quite frankly, who doesn’t want to find out which is better? Then there is the football hooligans theme in which 32 countries fight for the right to be called the ‘football hooligans’ champions. The space theme is semi-based around space invaders as our Space Raiders mode is a modern take on the old formula. The medieval battles theme pitches the age old enemies of knights and archers in a battle to the death. And finally, the crazy chefs theme takes the hilarious notion of a food fight as chefs and waiters get together to fight each other throwing food such as cake bombs!

Angry Armies is currently out on the Apple App Store and Android Market .

Towards the end of the development, we had a lot of fun as we got all of the sounds ready for the game. Most of the sounds were recorded by Justin, and he did a really good job at making them all sound different. And of course, when your hearing these sounds every day, there will always be a few that stick out in your mind. ‘Ahoy’ effectively became the soundtrack to my life as the comedy of hearing someone get hit and say ‘Ahoy’ never really goes away.

Designing the achievements for the game was also a fun experience as I tried to test the limits of the game to find good scores and interesting ways of giving out achievements. My favourite achievement is in Space Raiders. I won’t spoil the fun of getting it for you, but I’d highly recommend getting to the end of Space Raiders mode.

It took us over half a year to finally get this out, but this was mainly due to issues setting up the company and the fact that no one was working on it full time. But now that it is out, we hope that you enjoy it!!

Special Offer: Angry Armies is now only 69p for absolutely everything in one big pack. That included all themes, all football teams and all modes.

Posted by Thomas Higham on 04/11/2011.

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