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The Innocent Devils

Angry Armies

Available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

Angry Armies is a game where two teams are put together to fight! In order to win, your team must throw deadly weapons at the opposing team and destroy them before they destroy you. Each match is done over 3, 5 or 7 rounds whilst the clock ticks down from 30, 45 or 60 seconds. Will you be able to win before the time runs out?

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Angry Armies comes with 2 different themes:

  • Pirates Vs Ninjas - Pit the age old enemies against each other and find out who will emerge victorious.
  • Football Hooligans - Comes with 2 out of 32 teams of football supporters as they go head to head to retain their national pride.

Other Themes Available To Purchase (as well as the other 28 football teams):

  • Medieval Battles - Shoot arrows, throw axes and destroy castles. Taste the essence of a medieval battle.
  • Crazy Chefs - Just how crazy can a restaurant become. Find out when you pit chefs against waiters for the ultimate food fight.
  • Space - Help Earths bravest space warriors fend off an attack from aliens from outer space (or should you so wish, help the aliens destroy the Earth).

You can also test yourself in a variety of different modes:

  • Quick Match - Fight for the win over the course of a varying amount of rounds.
  • Challenge Mode - Try to survive for as long as possible against a never ending waive of opponents whilst the difficulty keeps on increasing. You can get this mode if you buy anything from within the app.
  • Tournament - Play a seven round tournament against the best teams from the world. Can your Country make it all the way to the final? (Unique to the Football Hooligans theme). You can get this mode if you buy any extra player from within the Football Hooligans theme.
  • Space Raiders - Beat waives of aliens that are approaching ever closer to your team. How many waives will you survive? (Unique to the Space theme). You can get this mode if you buy the Space theme.

Game Features:

  • Throw a variety of weapons including coins, shuriken, sabres, cake bombs and many more.
  • ‘Turn Based’ and ‘Free for All’ fighting modes.
  • Matches are decided over 3, 5 or 7 rounds.
  • Your choice of countdown timers (30, 45 or 60 seconds).
  • Unique sounds that give life to each theme.
  • Your choice of Team in each theme.
  • Different modes so that you can test yourself in a variety of different ways.
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Angry Armies is now available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market.