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Travel Guru is the latest development in geographic trivia games. With thousands of intriguing facts, you'll never be at a loss for information or entertainment. Whether you've travelled the world over, or never left your home town, Travel Guru is a sure fire way to feel as though you've journeyed to the ends of the earth.

∗∗∗ Featured in "What's Hot" for both iPhone and iPad ∗∗∗

★★★★★ "Lots of fun - Great game for fun with friends and family :D" --Steven Cashman

Travel Guru is the perfect game to help you learn more about the world around you, or impress your friends with all your knowledge on far away and exotic places. With 5 different game modes to choose from, you'll never be at a loss for something to keep you motivated and playing. Travel Guru has a little something to hold everyone's interest. With intriguing names like "Pin the Tail on the World" and "Picture Spin" your curiosity alone won't let you put this game down.

Travel Guru Features Include:

  • Easy to use controls
  • 1,000's of questions
  • 5 unique categories
  • Online multiplayer function
  • In-app purchases

You won't believe how much information there is in one app. Amaze your friends with your knowledge of geography, or learn about places you plan to visit, all without ever visiting these destinations first-hand. Travel Guru is a great learning tool, but it's also designed to be fun! In fact you'll be having so much fun playing that you won't even realize you've been learning the whole time. The wide array of question types help you decide if you'd like to perfect one category, or mix it up a little and sample from the different categories all in one big test.

Travel Guru Categories include:

  • Pin the Tail on the World - Pinpoint the location of a city or country on a map
  • Statistics - Answer questions about statistics on different countries, such as population
  • Picture Spin - Guess the picture before it stops spinning
  • Multiple Choice - You are given a question with 4 possible answers to choose from
  • Name a Country - Gives you a specific letter of the alphabet, and you have to name all the countries you can think of which begin with that letter.

With thousands of questions and facts in our database, different question styles and countless countries and cities, you will be amazed at all the information that we've packed into this one app. Even if you simply have a question about a particular location, browse through Travel Guru's database to find information on nearly any country or capital city in the world. Whether you like to challenge yourself, or you enjoy the thrill of competition, Travel Guru is sure to keep your interest.

Play against your friends, or go online and compete with the world. The online leader board allows you to keep track of who's who in the rankings, and watch your progress as you steadily climb the chart on your way to ruling the land. Download Travel Guru now, and see the world!

Available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Facebook